Saturday, January 14, 2012

As life moves on

There's an ad for a healthier cooking oil which i've been hearing on radio these days on my drive to work. Almost as if he were very sincerely selling it- a voice over promises a life filled with very usual, regular happenings in your life in the new year of 2012. Late night movies, a good book read, birthday surprises, marathon preparations, marriages within the family, warmth in relationships etc etc. It somehow manages to capture joy-de-vivre very sweetly.

That's the state I find myself in- in the beginning of year 2012. Life has moved on. Time has passed. Things have happened. Many a times- things have happened to me. Some times-I'd like to believe, I've pushed to make things happen. Some aspirations have been fulfilled. A lot still remains to aspire for.

When a baby is born, apparently there are some Chinese philosophers who go up and bless the child- 'may you have an ordinary life'. Increasingly- I can see the value in that.

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